​Hyd muslims supporting Zakir Naik

 July 13 2016 at 6:57   241    Zakir Naik Hyderabad ISIS Bangaladesh

​Hyd muslims supporting Zakir Naik

Tele-evangelist and Islamic Research Foundation president Dr Zakir Naik is in the centre of storm with his controversial statements supporting terrorists and terror attacks. Now with terrorists in Bangaladesh attack confessing that they are inspired by his speeches, focus is on Zakir Naik. 

Pressure is growing on Indian Government to ban his Peace TV and put him behind bars. However Zakir Naik is not without support. Many political parties,imams and mullahs came in support of Zakir Naik much to the shock of all right thinking people. 

Hyderabad which is on terror radar once again after NIA arrested ISIS sympathisers who planned deadly terror strikes, is now once again in the focus. It is comingout that many Hyderabad muslims are coming in support of Zakir Naik. 

City-based Salafi organisation Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadees (JAH) secretary Shafiq Alam Khan said it is wrong to accuse Islamic scholar Zakir Naik of terrorism.Jamaat-e-Islami, Hind vicepresident Syed Sadatullah Hussaini too said though he donot agree with his views on terrorism, Zakir Naik cannot be linked to terrorism. 

Darul Ulo om, Deoband product Mufti Mohammed Omar Abedeen said people are twisting Zakir Naik's views. Howeve Shiite and Sufi oranisations attacked Zakir Naik. Abedi of Tanzeem-e-Jafferi, and Hussain of Shite organisation called for crackdown on Zakir Naik. Netizens are divided on net carrying  #SupportZakirNaik hashtag and #BanZakirNaik hashtag.​

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