'Married' Actress goes 'Nude' while chatting !!

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'Married' Actress goes 'Nude' while chatting !!

She is one of the most wanted actress few years back. Even though she never reached her 20's, she got married to a leading actor and she walked out of movies. She is often known for controversies too. 

When she acted with one of the leading actor, she complained to Police and Cyber crime that, Director used Body double for her and showcased her waist is being pressed. That became a huge issue. Later it subsided. Now the actress is out of cinema and she lost spot light. The last news which came on her is when she had a fight on road as a passer by hit her SUV. And she stayed out of radar. Now she is back to spot light. But this time for some wrong reason.

It is obvious, the actress had some Skype Chat with some 'X' and that got personal. The actress stripped for the opposite person and now this video is leaked on Internet and it is going viral through WhatsApp and other sources. 

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