100 crore for the development of Bhadrachalam temple

 April 15 2016 at 12:32   347    Bhadrachalam Temple CM KCR Chinajeeyar swamy Irrigation projects Khammam Telangana Farmers

100 crore for the development of Bhadrachalam temple

Telangana Chief KCR said that an amount of Rs 100 crore will be allotted for the development of  Bhadracchalam temple in this year's Budget.

CM KCR spoke to the media after taking part in the 'Seeta Ramula kalyanam' event. He stated that the issue of developing the Bhadrachalam temple will be discussed with Chinajeeyar swamy. Measures will be taken for developing the portico and other infrastructure in the temple, said CM.

The opposition parties are criticizing without basic knowledge of irrigation projects. Two irrigation projects are sanctioned to Khammam district. The distrcit which is in between two rivers will be developed in all the ways. Farmers in large numbers will be benefitted after the completion of Seetarama Project. The Government is committed to bring one crore acres of land into cultivation by providing water, added CM KCR.

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