17 School Girls dead in a School Fire accident

 May 23 2016 at 9:25   300    School Fire Accident Chiang Rai Thailand

17 School Girls dead in a School Fire accident

In a brutal accident, 17 girls who were aged between 5 and 12 were Killed and most of them were injured in a fire mishap that broke out. This shocking incident happened at the dormitory of a private school for children of hill tribes in northern Thailand.

Five school girls were severely injured in the fire which broke out at the two-storey building of Pithakkiart Witthaya School in Chiang Rai province late last night. Girls who died in this fire accident were aged between five and twelve years old.

As per reports, there were 38 School girls staying at the board house and most of them were asleep when the fire broke out and they were unable to escape as the blaze spread rapid. They came from hilltribe villages in Chiang Rai and chiang Mai to study in the town.

News Channel 3 reported that most of the girls were burned beyond recognition. A Crime team was dispatched to investigate the cause of the fire. Victim's bodies were sent to hospital for investigation. Thailand has poor health and safety standards and htese kind of accidents are just getting too common in the country. 

On behalf of Errabus.com, We pray for the departed souls.

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