250 Cr Daughter To 1000 Crs SIL

 September 29 2015 at 4:47   363    PM Modi San Jose Corruption Rahul Gandhi Robert Vadra Congress

250 Cr Daughter To 1000 Crs SIL

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's San Jose speech addressing the Indian diaspora not only instigated a strong national fervour but also rattled off  his detractors rather on a strong note. Talking about corruption, Modi said that until his government took over, there used to be several discussions about corruption by people in the previous government.

Not taking names, Modi, in his typical sarcastic tone, said that discussions about a son illegally amassing 250 crores, a daughter 500 crores and a son-in-law nearly 1000 crores used to be heard regularly in previous government's rule. Claiming that his government wiped out all the traces of corruption in India, Modi asked the guests if they heard of any corruption charges against him and his government during his 16-month term. 

While Modi's speech was received with a standing ovation from the NRIs, it sparked off a wide range of protests across India by the opposition party. Lambasting Modi's jibes, Congress said that Modi targeted Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka and Robert Vadra. In its counter, BJP said that Modi did not mention any names in his speech and that Congress is sheepishly worriedly about its corrupted leaders.

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