70% property offenders on cops radar

 November 06 2015 at 4:03   308    Hyderabad Police Criminals Survey

70% property offenders on cops radar

With the two-day comprehensive survey of the city police ending on Thursday, the law enforcers have managed to collect the database of about 70 per cent of the property offenders. 

Among the 11,000 active criminals, including 7,584 from Hyderabad, the city police collected the details of as many as 5,308 criminals in two days of survey conducted in 60 police stations on Wednesday and Thursday.  Off the 2,402 offenders living in South Zone, the police have verified and updated the details of 1,681 offenders.

Details of 561 offenders out of 802 living in East Zone, 1,806 off 2,580 offenders in West Zone, 700 offenders among 1,000 in North Zone and 560 offenders out of 800 identified in the Central Zone were updated in the two-day survey, the police said.  

City Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy on Thursday said that the survey would continue to keep a better track of criminals. “This data of criminals will be shared with all the field officers in the city police commissonerate and we are expecting better results in recovery of property,” the commissioner informed.  

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