756 deaths on roads in Krishna dist in 2015

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756 deaths on roads in Krishna dist in 2015

The Regional Transport (RTA) officials are concerning a lot with the rate of accidents going up in the Krishna district over the years. As many as 756 persons died and 2,594 were injured in road accidents during 2015 in the district in the 150 identified accident-prone zones. These figures may bring shivers to any person. But, this is a fact and many of the injured are languishing on beds after losing their limbs.

In spite of several steps taken by the police and regional transport authorities to prevent accidents through conducting annual ‘Road Safety Week’ have not achieved the desired results. Here one should definitely blame on the State Government for not taking any initiations on such accident prone zones even the road inspectors and commuters suggested the necessary measures to pass the danger zones with no risk.

According to the sources, lack of adequate funds to ensure proper signaling, sign boards, street lighting, speed-breakers, setting up of barricades at dangerous curves and radium stickers at the accident prone zones identified in the district was the main reason for the rise in accident rate. A survey was also taken by the RTA officials to identify the accident prone zones in the district. Much shockingly officials came to know that number of accident
prone zones in the district is increased rather than seeing a dip.

Reports were also submitted by the district officials to the State Government on November 2015, seeking funds to kick-start the repair works at danger zones. There was no response from the State Government, even after completion of three months period. Minister for Transport Sidda Raghava Rao who recently flagged off the “Road Safety Week” campaign in the city did not respond to the district transport official’s requirements on funds and
additional staff to conduct enforcements and inspections. 

Deputy Transport Commissioner (DTC) V Sundar said that most of the accidents are occurring due to drunken and cell phone driving, over-speeding or over-loading, poor condition of vehicles, jumping traffic signals, overtaking, rash and negligent driving. In many cases, the accused were youth and students. “We request parents not to provide bikes, particularly power and sports bikes, for their wards which are
causing accidents.”

Special drives will be conducted at regular intervals across the district and appealed to the youth to follow traffic rules and not to spoil their lives by causing or meeting with road accidents. Priority will be given to study all reasons for the accidents and take sincere steps to prevent accidents in the district, he said.

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