A Fan Misbehaved With Vidya Balan : We're Public Figures, Not Public Property

 March 16 2017 at 4:33   28    Vidya Balan Begum Jaan Srijit Mukherjee Bollywood

A Fan Misbehaved With Vidya Balan : We're Public Figures, Not Public Property

There is a misconception among a section of common audience to take heroines for granted. Being in glamour industry doesn’t necessarily make them stoop down on morals of respect. Star diva Vidya Balan faced a humiliating situation couple of days back when obliging the photo and selfie requests from Fans and public.  

All it happened during the promotions of Vidya Balan’s upcoming flick ‘Begum Jaan’ and the film’s trailer released couple of days back is received for thumbs up response. 

Vidya Balan got down from a flight and exited the Kolkata airport along with director Srijit Mukherjee. That’s when Fans rounded her from all the directions requesting for photographs. The friendly actress accepted few of them but what happened the immediate next moment made her lose the temper.  

An anonymous male fan has put his hand around Vidya Balan’s arms posing for the camera. She warned the fan immediately not to get close as it was uncomfortable. Despite the warning, the male fan repeated the same for second picture. Vidya fumed at anger saying, ‘this is wrong’ and left the place.

‘This is not a good habit because when an unknown person or stranger puts an arm around you, obviously we get uncomfortable. How can I let someone to intrude in my personal space? We are just public figures and not public property,’ Vidya Balan gave an explanation on whole incident during an interview.

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