ACB files chargesheet on Cash for vote

 July 28 2015 at 13:23   436    ACB Cash for vote Telangana Revanth reddy

ACB files chargesheet on Cash for vote

Finally ACB of Telangana started their steps towards the chargesheet on Vote for Note scam that gone two months ago showing Revanth reddy as the main culprit in Telangana MLC election. 

Now the chargesheet is said to be filed on Revanth reddy along with Uday Sinha, Sebastian, Jerusalem and Mattayya names, This sheet was filed by ACB stating they have interrogated about 39 evidences in this case.

We already know in this case Revanth Teddy, Uday, Sebastian were arrested and were out on bail from Jail for about 1 month after they got arrested. Sandra Venkata Veeraiah was later on arrested considering the same. As of now people named Revanth reddy, Uday, Sandra Venkata Veeraiah, Pradeep chowdary, Pullarao, Vem Narendar Reddy, Vem Narendar Reddy's son Krishna Keertan Reddy were interrogated by ACB. 

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