Actress depressed on her film career ?

 November 20 2015 at 9:29   402    Richa Gangopadhyay Leader Nagarjuna Tollywood

Actress depressed on her film career ?

Richa Gangopadhyay, who made her debut with Rana Daggubati’s ‘Leader’ in 2010, has enormously gained identity in both Tamil and Telugu. She who did nine films in overall also did a film in Bengali. Now she has decided to stay away from films. To know why, read below.

In the recent Richa wasn’t seen much at any public functions, award ceremonies or parties. She didn’t make any news of her next film or such thing. All she did was simply stay on her Twitter account. As opportunities gradually decreased, she stayed low on media. Her last film Nagarjuna’s ‘Bhai’ that released in 2013. Post that she wasn’t seen in any other films.

Recently she was invited to a meeting in America conducted by the local Telugu people. Here many who saw her asked about which film she is currently doing, what film she agreed to do, such questions were shot at her. Richa, who simply skipped answering the questions, came back from the event and took her Twitter to answer those questions.

In her Twitter she posted saying #‘Will always be grateful for my 5 years as an actress, but am even more grateful to what it taught me about myself and what I really want.’#

Few of her previous Tweets suggest that she isn't interested in films any more and saw film career as an experience.

She further clarified that whoever wants to know about her next film or why she isn't acting in films.

#Films happened by chance, I left by choice (Now will ppl kindly stop asking me about the future projects that won't exist)#

#If anyone asks me one more time 'when is my next film' or 'why am I not acting', please scroll through my tweets from the past two years!#

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