Adavi Sesh Reveals Kshanam Secrets

 March 20 2016 at 5:24   295    Adavi Sesh Kshanam Secrets Ravikanth Perepu Anasuya Adah Sharma

Adavi Sesh Reveals Kshanam Secrets

Adavi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Anasuya's suspense thriller ‘Kshanam’ directed by Ravikanth Perepu is leaving movie lovers in awe with different storyline and thrilling elements. The film is becoming talk of the T-Town and many Bollywood film makers are showing interest in taking the film to Hindi. 

The film is doing well even in exam season running with good occupancy in the fourth week and in some multiplexes, screens are increased. Adavi Sesh who penned the story for the film speaking to scribes shared shocking facts about ‘Kshanam’. 

He said, he planned to make ‘Kshanam’ not as feature film but as a short film in English and send to film festivals. He said however he did the film in Telugu and it became turning point in his career. He said he wrote ‘Kshanam’ story getting inspired by a real life incident which he happened to watch from close quarters.

He said, he had plans to do the film with new actors in English with 30-40 lakhs. However he happened to meet PVP and his production team in gym and after taking appointment from them for 15 minutes and narrated the story.

Impressed with the story they asked him to start the work by giving him an office. He said, as he had disastrous debut with ‘Kiss’ as director and felt he can not balance both acting and directing, he handed over to Ravikanth.

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