Airlift spreading lies?

 January 30 2016 at 12:35   254    Airlift Akshay kumar External Affairs Kuwait War Saddam Hussein

Airlift spreading lies?

Akshay Kumar’s latest flick Airlift might be a heading for a success. But this movie is gathering criticism from unexpected quarter. The government diplomats who normally don't react at the bollywood movies, have come forward to blame the movie. According to the Indian diplomats, Airlift has shown the Ministry of External Affairs in a poor light. 

In fact, the plot of the Airlift movie can certainly be disturbing to the historians. This movie is based on the Kuwait war of 1990 where thousands of Indians were evacuated from the war zone. According to the movie, the Indian officials in Kuwait shuts down the embassy and leaves the country to save their lives… leaving their fellow Indians to die! `But this was not the case' recalls the diplomats. 

The Ministry of External Affairs has done everything to save lakhs of Indians in Kuwait. They even took the issue to Saddam Hussein and gained his permission for evacuation. 1.7 lakh Indians were flown home to India safely and that was a world record for evacuation! Now the Airlift movie does not only play down the heroic efforts of Indian embassy, but also shows it as a villain. That’s certainly not artistic!

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