Ali cleverly answered !!

 November 05 2015 at 15:10   302    Ali Anushka Suma Sonal Chauhan Size Zero Mahesh babu

Ali cleverly answered !!

It is known that Ali made some controversial comments on Anushka's Thighs at Size Zero audio launch and they created a huge sensation on the social media. 
Everyone expressed their displeasure on this issue.

Now, Ali responded on his controversial comments in his style but he did not interact with any media or spokesperson. He shared his view with his co-actors on the location.

While speaking with his co-actors, he said that, Mahesh Babu too commented on Anushka’s thighs in Khaleja movie. No one commented on that. If a popular actor made comments, there wont be any controversial statements generally. 

Now, all are focusing on him. Ali also said that Mahesh Babu also had a dialogue ‘Deni Pikkalu chusava..Bhayya’ in Khaleja film.

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