All political parties into agitation mode

 August 03 2015 at 10:18   331    Telangana Special status Rahul BJP Jagan

All political parties into agitation mode

Telugu people were witness to the mass agitations which took place in United AP, both in favour of Telangana as well as Samaikyandhra. The political class eventually favoured separate Telangana but among people of both states, now there is a heightened sense of political awakening in terms of their rights.

With lackluster and pointless administration barring a few successes, the people of Telangana are increasingly questioning CM KCR through various platforms. At the same time, people and various groups in Andhra Pradesh who are yet to be healed of bifurcation wounds have started raising their voice.

There is a growing chorus in the state demanding special status promise fulfillment. People who watched Rajya Sabha proceedings when bifurcation bill was passed, remember how Venkayya Naidu ridiculed Congress for announcing special status for five years and proclaimed that they would give for 10-15 years.

But after government formation, BJP is dilly-dallying on this issue and now with communists and various civil groups on warpath including Rahul and Jagan, AP is all set to be on an agitation mode anytime soon. It is upto BJP to grant this status, because it has to learn from Congress experience. After much loss, Congress granted Telangana but suffered. Tomorrow BJP may not even gain credit, so better grant status now and also take credit now.

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