Anushka angry over Gunasekhar

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Anushka angry over Gunasekhar

The bubbly actress Anushka Shetty who has been taking up challening roles from very beginning of her film career is now eagerly waiting for her next release Rudramadevi, an biopic of Queen Rudramadevi. The movie is being directed by Gunasekhar who is desperately in need of a hit and has invested everything he has for this movie.

Pinning all hopes he wanted to release during July but the magnum opus Baahubali hit screens which washed away all the others. However, not to get affected with such movies Gunasekhar has pushed the release date. The movie has been postponed more than four times and finally it gets a date.

Anushka Shetty it seems was upset with this constant postponements of the movie release dates and so expressed his anguish over Gunasekhar. Well, Anushka even the director-cum-producer should look into the profit side and release a the right time to draw audience to the theatres.

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