Anushka`s Secret Relationship And Break Up?

 May 22 2015 at 6:00   1,851    Anushka Shetty Marriage Secret Break-up Vedam

Anushka`s Secret Relationship And Break Up?

Anushka Shetty, who always try to keep herself away from gossip columns, has of late became a favorite of gossip mongers. Her off-screen simplicity and extremely friendly nature with everyone in the industry has got her immense respect in the film fraternity as well as Telugu movie lovers. 

But this doesn't leave her from becoming a scapegoat for gossip columns. It is known that Anushka openly stated that she is seeing someone from long time and she made it public during the time of Vedam.

However, that seems to be the past now as Anushka stated she has no clarity on marriage when asked whether she prefers love or arranged marriage. Anushka reportedly stated that she still has to find a person to have a love marriage, which is totally contradicting to her previous statements. 

This has paved a way for speculations that Anushka had faced a secret break-up. Though she stated that she is in a relation, she never actually revealed that mysterious guy. Since the break up rumors are spreading like a wild fire, interest around the who love-breakup saga increased among everyone.

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