AP CM strategy worked out !!

 August 16 2015 at 7:54   256    AP CM PM Modi Special status AP Central Ministers

AP CM strategy worked out !!

Chandrababu's strategy to keep the opposition parties inactive is looking like a working symbol here, he spoke to media recently in Vijayawada's media meeting and cleared out all the questions on AP special status. Special status issue is a strong weapon with opposition parties right now where in YSRCP, Congress and CPI were doing serious dharnas regarding this.

When Oppositions started targeting Chandrababu on this YCP head Jagan went for doing Dharna in Delhi while Congress made Tirupati as big stand to deal for.

Meanwhile Chandrababu doesn't want the blame to be lead on him so turned his views to Narendra Modi and took the stand of word that after August 15th Modi promised to speak up on Special status and Special package too. So Opposition parties has no chance than waiting for their meet today or tomorrow.

Also he is not showing anger on BJP keeping the friendly relations going on so as he is equally pressurizing BJP too oppositions has no big deal for making things in. 

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