AP to be among top three States by 2022

 September 25 2015 at 5:39   374    AP TDP Vijayawada Amaravati Chandrababu Special status

AP to be among top three States by 2022

The TDP Government is trying to recover lost ground and sling the State into the bracket of the top three States by 2022. In this, it needed and demanded the Centre’s assistance, Mr. Naidu said.

As signs that momentum was being regained, the Chief Minister cited two facts: the State has achieved 9.72 per cent GSDP growth during the first quarter of this fiscal year; and 11 institutions of national repute have agreed to set up centres in Andhra Pradesh.

The Chief Minister put on record that the State has received a modicum of assistance from the Centre, such as the Rs. 600 crore for the rural inclusive development project, Rs. 2,200 crore as relief for the damage caused by cyclone Hudhud and Rs. 4,500 crore assistance from the Asian Development Bank for developmental programmes in the Visakhapatnam-Chennai corridor. In addition, the Centre’s permission has been secured for the metro rail project in Vijayawada.

He launched a trenchant attack on the Opposition for, what he called attempts to stall his development programmes, particularly the Amaravati capital city project. While land owners have volunteered to give their lands under the Land Pooling Scheme initiated by the State Government, the YSR Congress has been trying to discourage them and even approached the courts against the scheme.

Replying to queries on his commitment to securing special category status for Andhra Pradesh, he said the Niti Aayog has been holding discussions with relevant departments on the issue and an announcement was expected soon. He disputed the Opposition parties’ depiction of special category status as a panacea for every problem faced by AP.

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