Baahubali Art Director Controversy

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Baahubali Art Director Controversy

Manu Jagadh, who was offered an art director's job for Baahubali and later got to see his name as an art assistant in the credits, has been facing the greatest possible humiliation ever since the film released.

The creative genius had worked before for 13 films as an art director and he is said to be a protege of Sabu Cyril. After moving to Hyderabad and completing all the designs despite his eye infection, what he has finally got is a de-promotion to art assistant, according to him.

However, Manu is not ready to blame anyone and is only stating that god had cheated on him. Though we do not know where the mistake had happened, Manu Jagadh's sorrowful tale that is going viral on Facebook will surely move you. "It is okay if you are being paid less but creative people always are happy when they are given a credit. I have decided not to work for the second part. All my friends, my family in Kerala and everywhere knew, I am working on Baahubali. I am thoroughly insulted. It is such a huge picture where art is so important but there is no art director in the credits.", Manu stated in a blog he had written for a website, with a heavy heart.

Baahubali's production design was handled by Sabu Cyril if you go by the credits and there is no specific title card for the art direction. It instead termed Manu Jagadh as an art assistant, making art direction an integral part of production design, which is not necessarily done going by the talks of Manu, when he was offered an art director's role. To have a clear idea on what Manu had exactly done for Baahubali, check out the sketches he had done for the film in the slides below and you will surely stunned by the minute details in his sketches.

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