Baby dies after rat bites

 August 27 2015 at 6:00   753    Guntur Government General Hospital Chavali Lakshmi Vijayawada

Baby dies after rat bites

A 10-day-old baby boy died on Wednesday at the Guntur Government General Hospital after being bitten twice by a rat over three days.

The child was first bitten on Sunday and then again on Wednesday while undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit. The infant’s mother, Chavali Lakshmi, a resident of Krishnalanka in Vijayawada, alleged that the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff did not listen to their complaints that rats had caused serious injuries to her infant.

She claimed that on Wednesday morning none of the hospital staff was available to save the infant. Also, the medical staff did not start treatment immediately after the rats bit the infant, alleged Ms Lakshmi.

She said that some of the duty doctors and nurses, who were in their chambers, did not come to the ventilator to check on the infant and that the doctors did not inform them even after death. The infant’s father also alleged that hospital staff was negligent.

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