Balakrishna fans unique record of 100films in 100days

 October 04 2016 at 13:15   126    

Balakrishna fans unique record of 100films in 100days

Balakrishna fans from proddutur are planning for a unique tribute to their Star. They collected 99films prints of Balakrishna starting from "Tatamma kala" to this year's "Dictator". 

They are going to Screen these 99 films from october 5th onwards and it will continue until January 11th, 2017. On the day of January 12th, 2017, they are going to celebrate Big with Balayya's Prestigious milestone film "GautamiPutra Satakarani" directed by Krish.

This is another unique record of Balayya's fans. The same fans of Balayya from Proddatur ran "Legend" from its release March 27,2014 until today there. That's how Balayya fans are crazy over their beloved star. 

Interim, the first look and teaser of "GautamiPutra Satakarni" will be unveiled on october 9th and october 11th respectively. As Krish's previous film "Kanche" received national award, the expectations are Huge on this Balayya starrer film. So let's wait and see how far Krish succeed in satisfying the audience with official first look and teaser in a few more days.

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