Balayya with hot girls !!

 November 17 2015 at 11:11   238    Balakrishna Ramp walk Selfie Beauty salon

Balayya with hot girls !!

Be it selfie or stage speech, stage dance Balakrishna the Nandamuri Lion has his special stand. Might be some beautiful who is posing with Selfie of Balakrishna she will be fade out before him for the grand and serious expressions of his. Balakrishna who was the chief guest at opening ceremony of beauty salon the last night has also took special place in the fashion show which went there.

Balayya brought everyone go with surprise who joined the hot foreign models and walked the rap with them. The crowd went so exciting and shouts were on euphoric when Balayya was seen on rap. Balakrishna wished the saloon owner a superb future who is also a family friend of Nandamuri’s . 

Others like Suresh Babu, Raj tarun and others joined this event the last evening. Balakrishna’s video and  photos with hot girls is going so viral on the internet after this.

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