BBM First Week Collections

 September 12 2015 at 7:28   241    Bhale Bhale Magadivoy Nani Maruthi Geetha Arts Review

BBM First Week Collections

Actor Nani's latest offering, Bhale Bhale Magadivoy had surprised even the best of the trade pandits with its exceptional first week run. The movie had amassed about 14.2 Crore Share Worldwide in this one week run which is exemplary for a small budget film. Many buyers are already in profits zone.

The movie in its full run is likely to bring superb profits to every one involved in the trade. Given that there are no notable releases this week, it will remain as the pick of the films to movie lovers this week too. Even the next week releases are also not that great. Here is the breakup of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy First Week Collections:

Nizam: 3.7 Crore
Ceeded: 0.96 Crore
Uttarandhra: 0.91 Crore
East: 0.55 Crore
West: 0.45 Crore
Krishna: 0.58 Crore
Guntur: 0.82 Crore
Nellore: 0.18 Crore
Karnataka: 1.4 Crore
USA: 4.15 Crore
Rest: 0.50 Crore

Total World Wide: 14.2 Crore

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