Bettings On Pawan's beard

 May 22 2015 at 8:15   317    Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh 2 Fans Manchu Manoj Beard

Bettings On Pawan's beard

Pawan Kalyan is worshipped as a demigod by millions of his fans. Whatever he does and sometimes even if he doesn't, becomes a sensation. Be it his style, mannerisms, reclusive nature and even his simplicity, all are burning topics for his fans and media to discuss endlessly. Currently, the latest point of discussion is nothing but Pawan Kalyan's thick beard, in which he is looking like a sage.

Ever since the rumours caught on like wildfire that Pawan Kalyan will be sporting this beard for a crucial sequence in Gabbar Singh 2, fans and media have been discussing nonstop. It is also seen on social media that some fans are even betting high on Powerstar's beard and challenge that he will indeed surprise the fans with the beard.

A small example of this betting mayhem is the recent marriage ceremony of Manchu Manoj. Prior to that, some fans challenged that the Powerstar will appear in a clean shaven avatar and even posted few 'exclusive' latest pictures of Pawan. These photographs were spread on the media in no time and several articles were written.

However, much to the surprise of many, Pawan appeared with the beard, adding more fuel to the rumours of him sporting this beard for GS 2. Well, whether Pawan will thrill his fans in his never seen before avatar on screen or not is totally hidden in his mind and fans will have to wait for a few months to know about it.

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