Biggest opener after ‘Baahubali’

 August 16 2015 at 7:59   433    Baahubali Upendra 2 Upendra Karnataka Uppi 2 Uppi 3

Biggest opener after ‘Baahubali’

Crazy Star Upendra enjoys overwhelming Fan following in Karnataka. He is a hero with different image and films which he worked on at best showcases the variety available alone in him-self. ‘Upendra 2’ released in Kannada as original ‘Uppi 2’ is on a dream run breaking records. Sandalwood trade sources are calling ‘Uppi 2’ as biggest opener in Karnataka after ‘Bahubali.’ Both in Metros like Bangalore, Mysore to lower order single screen dominated centers, ‘Uppi 2’ is rocking.

Apparently, the same film opened to poor audience response in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. There was definitely a complexity in script and convoluted narration to strain the Telugu brains. Psychological thrillers mandatorily demand good dialogue writing. Looks like, dubbing from ‘Uppi 2’ to ‘Upendra 2’ spoiled the original flavor which Upendra might have thought of. Despite big name of Nalalmalapu Bujji associated with Telugu version release, none could save ‘Upendra 2.’

To understand the actual psychological point Upendra explained in the film, we heard of repeats already beginning in Karnataka. Now, the promising result of ‘Uppi 2’ encouraged Upendra to go for ‘Uppi 3’ to be announced very soon. 

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