Bodies of 800 Children Found !!

 January 28 2016 at 5:43   219    Burial Ground Blackburn Church Demolished Freckleton Street Road Bishop

Bodies of 800 Children Found !!

Authorities on Tuesday exhumed 1,967 bodies at St Peter's Burial Ground in Blackburn, of which 800 belonged to children below the age of six.

The burial ground was closed in 1945 and the church abutting it was demolished in 1976. Now, the burial ground is being moved to make way for Freckleton Street link road. As part of the road construction authorities discovered the graves of the children. It is estimated that the large number of children died due to a lack of good sanitation and medicines leading to a high mortality rate. Bodies were exhumed from about 30% of the burial ground, which was in "intense use" up to the 1860s.

Records of 176 memorial stones showed the most common names for girls were Elizabeth and Mary, while John and Thomas were popular for boys. 

Among the objects found at the burial site included coins used in 1860s and 1900s, brass wedding rings and colourful glass bead jewellery.

The Bishop of Blackburn will hold a memorial service this summer and reburials are expected to take place in a different part of the graveyard. 

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