Boycott is only Jagan's weapon !!

 December 23 2015 at 5:28   322    AP Assembly MLA Roja Suspended TDP YSRCP Kodela siva prasad Rao Jagan Chandrababu

Boycott is only Jagan's weapon !!

Leaders of political parties always have four to five winning strategy and have backup plans in case of emergency. However many are surprised at Jagan who is baffling all with his strategy.

Many are left to wonder and question " Is this Jagan's only weapon'. Jagan to prove his point and send strong message always resort to boycott assembly.Generally opposition parties threaten ruling parties in various forms and Jagan chose this form of protest.

YSRCP leaders confess in private that they don't have any option as ruling TDP led by CM Chandra Babu is adopting an aggressive strategy.

People of Andhra Pradesh feel that it is not good on Jagan's part to boycott assembly but instead nail the ruling party exposing it in a healthy debut in the assembly. Wonder what's going on in Jagan's mind.

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