Caste is the new trend

 February 16 2016 at 13:09   199    Caste is the new trend Kapu activist Mudhragada Padmanabham Pawan East Godavari Andhra Pradesh East godavari

Caste is the new trend


Now some of the media houses are following a trend to get traffic towards their sites or TV channels. It’s nothing but articles on caste which is a main weapon in telugu states. Either you publish a hated filled article about a particular caste then other castes will read it. If you publish in favor of a caste then the caste people will read it.

In recent times so many no other issues have made frantic headlines like the news regarding the Kapu movement did. Media once again split into two some of the media houses have showed interest in promoting the issue. Some media houses completely neglected it.However this may bring free publicity and an increased readership to these media houses and their features. But it will definitely create a negative impact on the society.

Meanwhile it’s a fact that we are living in a country in which caste spread its roots to key sectors of the society like media, education, health and what not.

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