Charan's Bruce Lee final Status !!

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Charan's Bruce Lee final Status !!

The time when Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'Bruce Lee' was released and got negative reports, the movie was lambasted more than like anything by the media and the anti fans. They treated and rated the movie as the career's biggest flop of Ram Charan. 

Finally, 'Bruce Lee' ended up with with Rs. 41+ crores share collections bringing 20% to 30% losses to its distributors. Even then, 'Bruce Lee's share is almost equal to the shares of some of the successful ventures like 'Temper' etc. and crossed 'Manam', 'Legend' etc. 

The status of a movie can better be elevated with the comparison with other crazy projects released in the same season. In that way, 'Bruce Lee' is elevated with the recent flop results of some other crazy projects which got very poor collections comparing with 'Bruce Lee' which, further, marked the range of Ram Charan. "Unless there is a good screen presence and grace in dances being exhibited by Ram Charan, 'Bruce Lee' couldn't have got 41+ crores collections," says a source.

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