Charmi Influencing Puri !!

 December 21 2015 at 5:25   284    Charmi Puri Jagannath Jyothi Lakshmi C Kalyan Loafer Rogue

Charmi Influencing Puri !!

Off late, the professional relation shared between ace director Puri Jagannath and fading out hottie Charmi is continuously striking the headlines for good and bad reasons. For good, it’s the project of ‘Jyothi Lakshmi’ as both of them have completed this project with a wonderful chemistry without taking any advance remunerations from producer C Kalyan. 

On to badness, ever since Charmi became close to Puri Jagannath, many sources around them are commenting on Charmi’s growing influence on Puri in finalizing the projects and also fingering into production of his films. ‘Loafer’ actually set with hero Nithin was later sent into Varun Tej only because of Charmi’s unbalanced equation with Nithin and his sister.

Now, latest buzz says that Charmi is also involving deeply into production works of Puri’s new movie ‘Rogue.’ Right from fixing the cast, crew to managing their remunerations, Charmi is giving jitters to Puri’s old camp members. We need to wait and see, how all this will affect Puri in future?

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