Cherry's remake launch date

 December 28 2015 at 5:36   144    Ram Charan Shruti Hassan Remake Thani Oruvan Bruce Lee Allu Aravind Surender Reddy

Cherry's remake launch date

Ram Charan - Surender Reddy's new film will be launched on February 10th. Director Surender Reddy is now in USA for personal reasons and he will be returning to Hyderabad after Sankranthi festival.

The film is remake of super hit Tamil movie titled Thani Oruvan. Handsome actor Aravind Swamy who played the antagonist in the original movie will be reprising the same in the Telugu version as well. Shruti Haasan is likely to be playing the heroine opposite Charan.

Allu Aravind and NV Prasad are jointly producing the film.

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