Chiranjeevi on joining BJP

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Chiranjeevi on joining BJP

Former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha MP, Chiranjeevi  has finally opened up on rumors that Chiranjeevi will be leaving Congress and joining BJP in the presence of BJP President, Amit Shah. He clarified that he will stay with Congress and there are no plans of changing the party.

He said "I have no thought of changing party. I will stay in Congress till I am in politics. Please put a full stop to these rumours now," Congress Party is almost finished in AP after it aided State Division. Chiranjeevi as Chief election campaigner led the party to Zero seats in the last elections. The rumours of Chiranjeevi’s party change keep cropping up every now and then.

Meanwhile Chiru is busy with his daughter Srija marriage. He along with his son Mega Power Star Ram Charan, postponed the regular shoots of their upcoming films to concentrate on the preparations. Mega family made clear that mega fans will be invited and all can come and bless the newlywed and enjoy the happy moment.



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