Chiru's controversial puskar bath in Rajahmundry

 July 23 2015 at 10:52   446    Puskar Rajahmundry Ap Allu Aravind Chiranjeevi

Chiru's controversial puskar bath in Rajahmundry

Chiranjeevi, once Mega Star on Tollywood silver screen and present Rajya Sabha MP representing Congress party who has been silent after the party's crushing defeat started turning acitive once again. 

After blasting AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for the stampede at Rajamundry pushkar ghat which resulted in death of 29 devotees, Chirajneevi yesterday took holy dip at VIP ghat in Rajamundry. 

Those accompanied Chiru included his brother in law, producer Allu Aravind and his son Allu Sirish along with family members. Chiru took holy dip and started performing rituals offering tributes to his elders. 

During that time people ran towards him to catch a glimpse of him after hearing about his presence. The very next moment, Chiranjeevi stopped the ritual abruptly much to the shock of priests. 

Even as priests warned him against doing so, he left the place and addressed crowd saying performing rituals and taking holy dip is important for everyone. Chiru's behavior shocked everyone and priests say it was bad omen to stop the ritual abruptly.

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