Clash between Pawan & Prabhas fans

 September 03 2015 at 11:23   377    Pawan Kalyan Prabhas Fans Bhimavaram

Clash between Pawan & Prabhas fans

Fans of Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas have indulged in to mindless fights in Bhimavaram. The incident happened in Bhimavaram on September 2nd, the birthday of Pawan Kalyan. According to the sources Prabhas fans recently filled the town with the banners and Flexies of Baahubali on the occasion of the movie completing 50 days.

There was no space in the town for Pawan Kalyan fans to put up flexies of the actor on his Birthday. So silently they have removed some and tied their own flexies. In retaliation, Prabhas fans have torn the flexies of Pawan Kalyan. Slowly this spread to the entire town as both the sides resorted to clashes and destroying each others' flexies.

High alert was imposed in Bhimavaram and Police have got extra forces to deal with the fans of both the sides. People in Bhimavaram say Pawan Kalyan fans should have requested Prabhas fans to take down their banners and give space other than taking them down themselves. And reports are emerging that this madness is spreading to remaining places of West Godavari too.

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