CM facing reservations tension?

 November 07 2015 at 5:04   340    CM KCR Muslims TRS GHMC MIM

CM facing reservations tension?

Telangana CM KCR is hellbent on winning the upcoming GHMC elections by stealing the hearts of muslims by providing reservation for them. 

KCR always tried to impress them by launching various government schemes. TRS sources are confident that this will pay rich dividends in the coming elections. 

However muslims for long have been demanding 12% reservation and this may add to the woes of the TRS. According to Indian constitution one cannot have reservation on basis of reservation. 

Muslims needn't be faulted since it was KCR who promised 12% reservation for them in government establishments. Already 17 months passed since KCR came to power but till now he didn't do any thing to implement the promise. Analysts are questioning why did KCR make unimplementable promises against the constitution of India to get few votes from muslims and now face flak for not implementing them. 

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