CM KCR into New Controversies !!

 October 30 2015 at 6:35   357    CM KCR CBI Sahara group Central TRS

CM KCR into New Controversies !!

KCR is currently in his prestigious Delhi tour and CBI is now covering all the problems on KCR. KCR during his central ministry has got into sensational decisions and now those are turing his head down. During the United AP Velugubanti Suryanarayana was a big time case and regarding it KCR was involved one or the other way.

KCR has programmed his theme towards Sahara group and he allowed Satyanarayana to programme Future Funds on his personal share. KCR was warned by Commissioner but he did not care about it much those days at all. CBI is irking KCR that just because of his negligence employees in the company have lost their PFs and a lot.

Central government has appointed a special officer to bring out all the true happenings in this case which might pull KCR’s head deeply into this case.

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