CM KCR targeting with colors?

 December 26 2015 at 4:10   186    CM KCR Ayutha Maha Chandi Yagam Medak K Rosaiah Chandrababu

CM KCR targeting with colors?

Sometimes satires explode showing their power. Though there won't be any substance in them, the spontaneous reactions will make powerful impact. Now Telangana CM KCR's Chandi Yagam is attracting the attention of all. 

On each day of the yaga, priests who are performing the yaga are wearing different colors. They were seen wearing yellow  on the first day,pink on the second day,white on the third day and will be wearing red on the fourth and yellow on the fifth day. 

Even those who are participating in the yaga along with KCR are wearing the same colors. Each color has its own significance. However some satires are attracting everyone's attention. 

Many are commenting that KCR with his Chandi Yaga is targeting TDP with yellow, TRS with pink, Congress with white and Communists with red. Wonder how TRS leaders will react to it. 

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