Cold war between Tollywood Top directors?

 November 13 2015 at 13:00   342    SS Rajamouli Trivikram Nithin Tollywood

Cold war between Tollywood Top directors?

Top Tollywood directors SS Rajamouli and Trivikram are known for their creative movies & dialogues. Tinsel town is abuzz with the news that cold war is happening between the two top directors SS Rajamouli and Tri Vikram.

The major discussion is that Tri Vikram won’t prefer to rope in the actors who acted under the direction of SS Rajamouli. SS Rajamouli also won’t prefer the actors who acted in the direction of Tri Vikram.

But, it may be noted here that Tri Vikram has teamed up with Nithin who also acted in SS Rajamouli’s Sye movie. Another example that proves that there is a cold war between the two directors is that SS Rajamouli who pours his wishes to all the celebrities did not wish Tri Vikram on his birthday (November 7th).

Industry is busy in the discussions that there is some another reason behind their cold war. Let us wait and see what could be the reason.

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