Congress complaint against TRS !!

 January 09 2016 at 5:06   276    Uttam Kumar Reddy Narasimhan Governor GHMC Elections TRS Danam Nagender

Congress complaint against TRS !!

 The Congress leaders led by TPCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy and CLP leader K Jana Reddy met Governor E S L Narasimhan at Raj Bhavan on Friday. They sought his intervention over TRS’s ‘unethical’ and ‘illegal methods’ to secure victory in the forthcoming GHMC elections and asked for an enquiry on source of income of ruling party for spending Rs 450 crores on hoarding advertisements.

In their representation, the Congress leaders brought to Governor’s notice that the ruling party had indulged all kinds of ‘unfair practices’ from deletion of lakhs of voters, irrational delimitation of 150 divisions and unscientific approach in reservation of divisions to SCs, STs and BCs and women. 

Amongst the series of ‘illegal methods’, adopted by TRS, it had distorted the election process and indulged in several ‘undemocratic’ and ‘dictatorial methods’ to win the GHMC elections. The leaders requested the Governor to direct the State government to ensure that the reservation of the 150 divisions is done in a rational and logical manner. 

The divisions with maximum percentage of SCs, STs and BCs must be reserved for them. “Objections of all the political parties must be taken into account before the final reservation list is announced,” they said.

The leaders asked the Governor to ensure that at least one week’s time should be provided between publishing of reservations list and beginning of nomination process to enable political parties finalise their candidates for 150 divisions. While opposing amendment to Municipal Act of 1955, the leaders asked the Governor to ensure that GHMC elections are held as per the Act.

Former PCC president Ponnala Lakshmaiah, former Deputy CM, Damodar Raja Narasimha, former Ministers, Danam Nagender and D Sridhar Babu and former MP M Anjan Kumar Yadav were also present.

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