Cops found link in Tuni violence

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Cops found link in Tuni violence

No one can forget the violence take place at Kapu Gharjana in Tuni. The violence that erupted after Kapu Gharjana in Tuni had costed 103 Crore. This is the loss incurred due to the damage to railway, police and other government properties. Only Ratnachal Express damage amounted to 20 Crore.

Cops who are investigating this case have find a link found evidences of YSR Congress Leader, Bhumana Karunakara Reddy plotting for this violence. CID is more likely to serve notice to YSRCP leader for plotting for this violence. His arrest is likely.Even police have reportedly linked YSRCP leader with that of Mudragada's episode.

It may be noted here that though AP government and police said that over 70 cases have been filed over the Tuni incident no important arrests happened so far. Now police are looking deeply into links of Bhumana in the violence. Let’s wait and see what happens in upcoming days. 

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