Cotton farmers say no to CCI centres

 November 03 2015 at 3:41   349    Cotton Farmers Government Transport

Cotton farmers say no to CCI centres

 Cotton farmers are reluctant to sell their produce at the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) purchase centre functioning at the Sadasivpet market yard, due to the new rules laid by the CCI. 

With the decision of CCI to reject any cotton with a moisture content of more than 12 per cent in it, farmers are looking towards middlemen who are not only paying more than CCI, but are also a little liberal regarding the moisture content in the cotton.

The government has set a Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Rs 4,100 for cotton with moisture content up to 8 per cent. Up to 12 per cent, the farmers will be paid Rs 3,936. Few farmers, who came to sell their cotton, were turned down as the moisture content in their cotton was 16 per cent.

As a result, farmers are scared to go to the market yard to sell as they doubt they would be sent back, costing them heavy transportation charges. Meanwhile, the private businessmen who collect cotton directly from villages are offering up to Rs 4,300 per quintal without worrying much about the moisture content.

 The CCI has also asked the farmers not to bring the cotton in sacks. This has caused inconvenience for farmers who mostly use tractors or bullock carts for transportation purposes. It would be difficult for them to transport cotton that way. 

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