Court vs Assembly !!

 March 18 2016 at 7:26   212    Court Assembly Government India

Court vs Assembly !!

The Indian Constitution has given powers to the Courts and the State Assembly. But the Powers of the Courts are far beyond the Powers of the Assembly or Parliament. The Constitution is designed with the spirit to do Justice to every one and see that their rights are not violated.

The courts are given powers to do justice to everyone by the Constitution. 

A state Assembly, state Government and even the Central Government may do injustice to an individual or a group. At that juncture, everyone has a right to approach courts for Justice. Court stands for Justice. Everyone has to abide by the verdict of the courts.

Court comes into picture when an individual's or a group's rights are violated by any organisation. 

Courts are there for doing JUSTICE.

State Assembly is for discussing the Problems of the Public. 

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