Deadly heat waves continues in Telugu States

 April 25 2016 at 14:10   300    Summar Andhra Pradesh Telangana Temperature Heat waves

Deadly heat waves continues in Telugu States

Presently the heat wave conditions in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are anticipated to continue for five more days. The Meteorological department has the day temperatures and is anticipated to hover around 45 degree Celsius during the next one week.

On Sunday the temperatures in various districts of both the states were above 40 degree Celsius and the people are finding difficulty to do their routine scheduled work and as the children are in summer vacations they are facing tough times because of the soaring mercury in the state.

The districts with temperatures are as follows Nellore with 44.3 degree Celsius, Anantapur with 43.5 degree Celsius and Kurnool with43.6, Warangal with 43.3 and Hyderabad 41.8 degree Celsius respectively.

The Meteorological department has stated that the hot weather will prevail for two more days in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state and the people should take necessary steps to safeguard them by consuming more water and liquids at this climate.

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