Death penalty for Largest Islamic Party Leader

 January 07 2016 at 5:43   318    Islamic Leader Bangladesh Court Independence Motiur Rahman Nizami

Death penalty for Largest Islamic Party Leader

Bangladesh's apex court, on Wednesday, announced the death penalty against the leader of the largest Islamist party for crimes during the Independence struggle in 1971. This paves the way for the execution of Motiur Rahman Nizami, who heads Jamaat-e-Islami Party.

Nizami has been convicted for rape, murder and orchestrating, when he was militant during Independence struggle. While talking to media, prosecutor Tureen Afroz said, "The court upheld the death sentence in three out of four charges. We're very happy.' The death sentence was mainly upheld due to the killing of top officials.

Nizami, 72, Jamaat's leader since 2000 and a minister in a former Islamist-allied government of 2001-2006, is likely to face gallows in coming months. The decision will halt only if his case will be reviewed by the court again or President grants clemency.

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