Diesel vehicles to be banned in Hyderabad

 June 01 2016 at 12:31   363    Diesel Vehicles Hyderabad Ban Supreme Court

Diesel vehicles to be banned in Hyderabad

Hyderabad may soon witness ban on diesel vehicles. It is known that Supreme Court banned use of diesel vehicles since Dec 2015 in the National Capital Region comprising Delhi and surrounding areas. Supreme Court banned registration of new diesel vehicles with 2 litre or larger engines. 

National Green Tribunal is considering ban on sale of large diesel powered vehicles in 11 more cities and this worries auto makers. Automakers have been arguing that such move will be uncalled and unscientific. 

The 11 cities include Mumbia,Kolkata,Hyderabad,Bengaluru and Chennai. Automobile industry say wide ban will result in loss of production and jobs. Last week NGT imposed ban in some cities in Kerala and also barred diesel vehicles that are 10 years old. 

NGT in its report stated that in 15 cities pollution level exeeded the maximum limit of 2.5 resulting in  cough, lung infections and other diseases.In Hyderabad, the pollution level has gone to 29.8 which is causing inconvenience to the citizen. According to the report, Banaras worst hit city wherein the level has reach 125.2. In Nagpur, it is 82.4, Mumbai 19.42, Pune 18.32, Chennai 53.14, Patna 81.6, Bengaluru 31.07 and Lucknow 35.5.

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