Director repeated same Formula !!

 May 09 2016 at 5:28   289    Supreme Anil Ravipudi Pataas Dil Raju Remix songs Kalyan Ram Sai dharam tej

Director repeated same Formula !!

A mass masala commercial cinema has to mandatorily follow a formula. With a regular and rotten storyline, a director can cook off wonders at Box Office if the formula is properly applied. Solutions are ought to follow when directors thoroughly by-heart this so called formula. After working under the guidance of seniors like Srinu Vytla, Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan, here is director Anil Ravipudi displaying his skill at right time.

His debut directorial ‘Pataas’ although was high on comic quotient, the way he dealt entire second half with confrontation episodes between Kalyan Ram, villain followed by Mother’s episode shot on fly over then ‘Arey O Saamba’ remix took the energy and entertainment level to top notch. Anil tried to repeat the same blueprint in ‘Supreme’ but only worked to an extent.

Especially, the pre-climax episodes from ‘Andam Hindolam’ remix song continued by physically handicapped body builders action block left audience stunning. Later on, a conventional climax impaired the essence to an extent where Dil Raju could have taken proper care. Yet, ‘Supreme’ is reportedly faring well in B, C centers, a matter of respite for Anil and Raju.

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