Director Teja satires on Puri !!

 April 21 2016 at 6:52   298    Director Teja Satires Distributors Chiranjeevi NTR Puri Jagannadh

Director Teja satires on Puri !!

Though not directly, filmmaker Teja has responded in style when quizzed about the ongoing tussle between director Puri Jagan and Distributors. Teja stated that cost-failures are killing the total system in Telugu film industry.

"Due to the overshot remunerations of heroes and directors, producers are pooling huge money. And when the film flops, distributors are the ones losing it. During olden days, NTR and Chiranjeevi like stars used to have their personal producers and distributors. If there is any loss, they used to take care of it through new films. But now such cordial relation has gone", said Teja.

He stated that he's the first director ever to return remuneration when a movie flopped. "When my Dhairyam movie flopped, I've returned the remuneration. I'm the first director to do so. After taking huge remuneration, no doubt, director and hero has to return their pay when distributors are in losses", he added. These comments are sounding nothing like satires on Puri Jagan.

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