Director Vikram Kumar Engaged To Sreenidhi

 June 06 2016 at 5:50   262    Vikram Kumar 24 Sreenidhi Chennai Marriage Love Affair AR Rahman

Director Vikram Kumar Engaged To Sreenidhi

More than the professional victories, looks like director Vikram Kumar is enjoying the same joy in personal life. According to reports, Vikram got engaged to a girl named Sreenidhi in Chennai. With none of the guests from film circles invited, the event appears to be a confidential one without media focus. Vikram and Sreenidhi are informed to be in love from last few months.

Sreenidhi works as a Sound Engineer at AR Rahman. During the process of working as a team for ‘24,’ both Vikram and Sreenidhi gelled well. Later, they both came in touch personally and romance blossomed. It’s really surprising and also coincidental to see a workaholic like Vikram finding his life partner in the same work flow without searching for love outside the industry.

If reports are to be believed, marriage is likely to be held sometime in September. Hope, Vikram will invite friends and close associates from cinema industry for the wedding. Till September, Vikram Kumar is no way going to begin his next projects.

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