Easy money by MIM party !!

 January 13 2016 at 6:15   209    MIM Municipal Elections.GHMC MLA

Easy money by MIM party !!

Who doesn't prefer name and fame ? Everyone loves it. As this is season of elections and polls, everyone are busy in contesting. MIM will contest in about 75 wards at the Municipal elections.

The last day for submitting applications ended recently. Parties who are interested in contesting on MIM ticket were asked to submit applications. As a surprise they got more than 5000 applications.

But MIM party has used this as a way to mint money. They asked all application should be enclosed with a demand draft of Rs.5000. This 5000 Rupees is non-refundable, which means 25,000,000 is an easy money for the party.

When we buzzed regarding this charging from applicants, MIM party said that the practice is happening in the party for a long time and they did the same for MLA applicants too. This shocked everyone as they never said why the party is charging and they also spilled beans that they are doing this for a long period.

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