Finally Godavari water gushes hyderabad

 November 28 2015 at 8:37   430    Godavari water Hyderabad Quthbullapur

Finally Godavari water gushes hyderabad

Quthbullapur was the first Assembly constituency to receive Godavari water as over 18 MGD was pumped to Shapurnagar. The commissioning of the project quenched the thirst of the constituency, which had not received any supply in 15 days.

Sumanth Reddy, a resident of Shapurnagar said, “For over 15 days we had not received a drop of water; the supply had decreased following water rationing since October 1. Earlier we used to get water once in eight days but it had increased to 15 days. Now with Godavari water there should be no problem until summer.”

Rameshwar Rao, director, maintenance and operations, Water Board said, “The Godavari water will serve the municipal circle of Quthbullapur. The water is travelling 186 km to Gunpur, where one pump is operational for the initial 18 MGD, which was sent to Quthbullapur, the first consumer of Godavari water. This will substitute Manjeera and Singur; there will be no water rationing  ahead and the Godavari water is ready for consumption. With Krishna Phase 3 (remaining 45 MGD) which is operational and now Godavari, there won’t be a problem till next monsoons.”

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